We invite you to learn with the museum! We offer educational programs, provincial curriculum-based, JK to Grade 12. It is an excellent opportunity to experience interactive learning on a variety of subjects, such as Canadian History (1883 to present), Physical Education, Mathematics, etc.


Currently only our digital education is available. Please feel free to use any of the activity sheets available on Digital Education below or contact our Public Programmer for lessons delivered via Google drive or Online Guided Tours. These learning resources are designed to support teachers and their classroom. Contact the Public Programmer to access a program of choice for four weeks. A synchronous component can be included upon request.


For a synchronous learning experience an online guided tour can be organized for either a general gallery tour or a specific topic. To book an online guided tour, please email our Public Programmer with subject line Online Guided Tour. Usually delivered via Zoom, other platforms such as Skype, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams can be accomodated. We do not charge admission fees, but we do appreciate an honorarium in lieu of admin arrangements. At this time, we only accept payments by cheque or credit card.

It is to be noted that our digital activities and lessons are only available in English.

We look forward to returning to our onsite programming once it is safe to do so.

Virtual School Programs

To support teachers and their classrooms, we have created learning resources available via Google drive. Please contact the Public Programmer to obtain access to the module of your choice for four weeks. A synchronous component can be included.

Primary Sources and The First World War (curriculum links)
The RCR and The Second World War (curriculum links)

Future of Tradition: Careers in Heritage and Museums Sector

On 16 November 2020 The Royal Canadian Regiment Museum hosted Future of Tradition: Careers in Heritage. This event featured different aspects of museum work with panellists from around the province. Recordings of each panel are available below as well as an educator guide for complementary activities, just click on the links.

Restoration video recording and Restoration activity.
Exhibitions video recording and Exhibitions activity.
Collections video recording and Collections activity.
Programming video recording and Programming activity.

Lest We Forget

Consult the links below and you will find a way to remember sacrifices and honour service with the Canadian military.

Private Ronnie

Print these pdf activities at home. Use our virtual tours available on the Exhibitions section to complete them!

First World War Slang

Try out this activity to learn more about the changes that occurred to language among the allied soldiers during the First World War as a result of their experiences.


Learn about the leg wraps known as puttees, which were worn extensively during the First World War by Canadian soldiers. See how to put them on using a tensor bandage and a ribbon in this video.

Artifact Storytelling

Think about why artifacts are chosen for an exhibit. What makes them interesting? How do they help telling a story? Find your own favorite item by exploring the museum’s online collection catalogue.

Website Scavenger Hunt

Enjoy this scavenger hunt to introduce you to the Museum website and explore the different content available.

Activities on Educaplay

Check out the activities we have created on Educaplay including a word search about Canadian Symbols during the First World War and a First World War Cap Badge Memory Game.
Digital fatigue? A printable version of the memory game is available to play with your family.

We are unable to accommodate on site programs at this time, please see Digital Education for alternative options.

We are unable to accommodate off site programs at this time, please see Digital Education for alternative options.

Tales of the 8-Pointed Star

Alpha, Bravo, Charlie