London Heritage Fair: 17 February 2018

The museum will be in the Hudson's Passage at the Public Library for the 6th Annual Heritage Fair “Celebrating Women in London." In honour of the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage, the 2018 Heritage Fair will shine a light on the role women have played in shaping our community. The event will feature prominent guest speakers, interactive activities such as pottery making, henna tattooing, a film screening, and a drumming circle, as well as an informative “Exploration Zone” featuring other local organizations, all showcasing women in our community. 


Paardeberg Drift Battle: 18 to 28 February 1900

2nd Special Service Battalion of the Royal Canadian Regiment of Infantry was victorious at Paardeberg Drift (Modder River), South Africa. They were fighting the Boers led by Cronje for 10 days achieving the first victory of a Canadian unit ever deployed overseas. The engagement concluded with the surrender of General Cronje and his 4000 troops, which made Paardeberg an important battle for Canadian military heritage. It is also one of the first battle honours awarded to The RCR.

Richard Caton Woodville depicted the episode in his "Dawn of Majuba Day." Created in 1900 by the British war artist, it was displayed at the Canadian National Exhibition in 1901, then gifted to the City of Toronto, Ontario. The painting is now on loan to the museum from The Market Gallery (Toronto), on display in the first room of our permanent gallery.

The RCR Museum on Virtual Museums Canada Network

"Topogragraphy of Grief. Mapping the Great War Dead in London, ON (1914-1921)" is live on Virtual Museums Canada, Community Stories. This exhibition has been developed in partnership by the museum and MA Public History Program at Western University, 2017 Class.

Like many other Canadian cities, London, Ontario, suffered the impact of the trench warfare fought in Europe between 1914 and 1918. This exhibit explores collective memory and individual grief, by mapping homesteads in mourning, along with official commemorative sites throughout the city today. While unveiling some of the artefacts produced to commemorate or acknowledge the sacrifices, our research also brought forward the next-of-kin, who were subject to a more personal experience of loss.

The exhibition is available in bilingual format.

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The Royal Canadian Regiment Museum, as a component of The Royal Canadian Regiment, will preserve, collect and present artifacts, archives and other militaria that are relevant for the history of the Regiment in order to assist in building pride, esprit and solidarity amongst all members of The RCR family. The Museum will also foster a deeper understanding of the Regimental experience, within the broader context of military and Canadian history, among other veterans, communities in the London area and all Canadians.

The RCR Museum will promote and enhance the pride that Canadians have in their military and its achievements through ensuring they know the story of one of our nation's great Regiments.