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Our museum is normally open 30 hrs every week, but as everyone else, we wish to protect our patrons which means that we have to keep... our distance. While "socially distancing" by staying at home, museum staff asked Pte Ronnie, our mascot, to help prepare some activities suitable mostly for the younger visitors. These activities can be printed or simply used as a pdf file on your computer.

Canada Day 2020 - At Home Edition
Try this word search looking for symbols found on Canadian First World War cap badges.
  Connect these Canadian First World War cap badges to where the battalions were raised.
  Memory game of Canadian First World War Cap badges. Match the cap badges and think about the Canadian symbols you see.

Digital Fatigue?
Don’t want to play online? Download this printable version of the Memory Game.


Print these pdf activities at home. Use our virtual tours available on the Gallery section to complete them!


Try out this activity to learn more about the changes that occurred to language among the allied soldiers during the First World War as a result of their experiences.


Learn about the leg wraps known as puttees, which were worn extensively during the First World War by Canadian soldiers. See how to put them on using a tensor bandage and a ribbon in this video.

Dear Teachers,

In light of current events we are working to develop material to support remote learning. Please feel free to use any of the activity sheets seen above on this page. We have already converted some of our Education Programs to a digital format, available on Moodle platform. If you are interested in getting access to any of these lessons for your class or have any questions about the material, please contact our Public Programmer. There is a requirement to delete the accounts created for specific lessons after their alloted time slot.


Primary Sources and the First World War

In this, students will learn about primary and secondary sources. They will think about what the bias and purpose of a document is and how to read them. They will use these concepts to analyse First World War records.

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The RCR and the Second World War

Using first hand accounts or other primary and secondary sources, gain a greater understand about how the Second World War affected Canadians fighting overseas. In this course, you will learn about the Second World War from the perspective of The Royal Canadian Regiment. Follow the regiment’s experiences from the outbreak of war in 1939 to their return in 1945.

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Alpha, Bravo, Charlie

This outreach program is for groups of max 30 participants per session, 60 to 90 mins long. Hands-on, interactive activities and required materials will be brought to your location by a museum staff and/or volunteer, who will also deliver the program.

The museum does not charge admission fees, however an honorarium is expected in lieu of logistic arrangements; suggested amount is $125/session, additional mileage cost may apply. Available Monday through Friday in January, February, March, July and August. These programs can be adapted for day camps.

Everyone is welcome to visit us during opening hours, but for groups larger than 8 people it is strongly recommended to book a tour at least 3 weeks in advance. Please indicate on the booking request form if you would like a guided or self-guided tour.

The museum may be an excellent venue for corporate meetings, professional development days, presentations and other small size events. Prior arrangements are necessary for such activities, please follow this link for further details.

Tales of the 8-Pointed Star

Alpha, Bravo, Charlie